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“Nasser Elaheebocus brings fresh perspectives to organisations, hold senior management to account, and create opportunities for growth. I am particularly good at instigating change in culture and mindset.  Leading to dramatic improvement in financial bottom lines, resulting in transforming businesses to great effect, now and into the future”


Positively Transforming Business Strategy | Work with Small/Medium Size Businesses | Business Growth | Private Investment | Business Funding and Pitch Deck Creation |Account Management & Business Development.  Financial Planning Implementation where required.


Taking time out to create and action a strong, detailed strategy appears to be a key path to small business growth. For small business owners, good professional advice can offer the most effective way to devise - and maintain – such a strategy. The first step is recognising the importance of spending time working on - not in - your business.


•             Cash/Capital raising through peer-to-peer funders

•             Growing the revenue top line

•             Being tough & ruthless on costs, where necessary

•             Refining & redefining sales and marketing initiatives

•             Identifying business inefficiencies & eradicating them

•             Streamlining the business approach

•             Preparing the owners to take more dividends out of the business whilst not putting the business at risk

•             Preparing the stakeholders to ready their business for sale or earn out or Management Buy Out (MBO)

•             Preparing owners for their final exit plan


Richard Remmer

Consultant, Mentor, Investor, Company Rescue, Risk Management at Richard Remmer


"Not many people can cope with the demands of running a business on their own account or indeed understanding the pressures involved before sanity collides with ambition. The major influence that Nass brings to the table in such a volatile environment is a professional understanding of all the factors involved and the ability to develop a clear path to success. I have seen Nasser Elaheebocus in action many times and never ceased to be amazed at his business acumen, patience and understanding in the business environment. He is well respected throughout the industry for his professionalism, skills and abilities in support of business development. Combine this with a passion for his chosen charities (DVLCC) and a great relaxed sense of humour and you have a winning solution to most problems


In recent years Nass has produced a series of professional support brochures on subjects that are invaluable to new businesses which any professional body in business support is a must have asset."



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