"Bringing fresh business perspectives, creating opportunities for growth, and developing a clear path to business success"








Business Plan Delivery, /Sales Strategy Implementation/ Capital Investment/ Sales Implementation & Marketing Planning.  Financial Planning Implementation where required.


Track Record;


Software Company in London
Turnaround Company to Turnover of £10.2m, with 27% gross profits before sale.
Identification of sales’ opportunities, staff training, business processes to identify inefficiencies, sales’ growth and responsibility for 22 staff.


Software Company in London
Start Up company to Turnover of £4.5m, eight technical staff, six sales’ staff, two hotline support and one marketing manager and two marketing executives. Grew the business from start up to £4.5m with 25% gross profits before sale.


Retail Company in Brighton
Instrumental in putting the business on a more productive path. Revenues increased by double.  New online shop built. Profits increased by 16%. New unit to increase productivity


Marketing Company in Arundel
Transformed the company with the owner. Large increase in monthly recurring revenues. Turnover increase by 12%.  Profit increase by 15%.  Increase in profitability was based on new freelancer recruitment strategy to match the industry specific clients of the company.

Care Services Company Haywards Heath
Increase in Turnover by 10%. Cost reductions. Profit increase by 12%. New sales strategy and local business presence.  Cost reduction leading to profit increase was based upon changing employee carer shift patterns.


Marketing Company in Chichester

Secured significant private and debt funding to launch an exciting new division. Financial management changed the business outcomes for the company by making the new division self-financing, and the new division is now a limited subsidiary of the parent company. Achieved within 2 years



Richard Remmer

Consultant, Mentor, Investor, Company Rescue, Risk Management at Richard Remmer


"Not many people can cope with the demands of running a business on their own account or indeed understanding the pressures involved before sanity collides with ambition. The major influence that Nass brings to the table in such a volatile environment is a professional understanding of all the factors involved and the ability to develop a clear path to success. I have seen Nass in action many times and never ceased to be amazed at his business acumen, patience and understanding in the business environment. He is well respected throughout the industry for his professionalism, skills and abilities in support of business development. Combine this with a passion for his chosen charities (DVLCC) and a great relaxed sense of humour and you have a winning solution to most problems


In recent years Nass has produced a series of professional support brochures on subjects that are invaluable to new businesses which any professional body in business support is a must have asset."



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