Green Angel Syndicate is the only Angel Investment Syndicate in the UK specialising in the fight against Climate Change and Global Warming.  


Widespread systemic change requires a range of innovations. It is a practical problem. Multiple small inventions are needed to make incremental changes at global scale. This will build up to entire systemic change; tiny inventions with huge potential. These all require innovation, so that our human needs are still met, but they are met by using a completely different approach.  Green Angel Syndicate specialises in this new approach needed to fight Climate Change. We search out, assess and select the innovations that will make a difference, and then invest in them to enable their development. Currently only Green Angel Syndicate, among UK angel investment syndicates, has the specialist knowledge to deliver the results we need.


Green Angel Syndicate has accumulated an enviable track record as an angel syndicate in the fight against climate change. Now we have launched our Fund, to make a bigger difference in the battle against climate change and global warming.


CEO, Nick Lyth, explains:There is no time to lose. We have to do as much as we can as quickly as we can, and so we are expanding now.


That means we should act now to expand our investment bandwidth, to give more support to the companies innovating to reduce carbon emissions or remove carbon concentrations from the atmosphere.

The Climate Change Fund is a coinvestment fund investing in the deals managed by the Syndicate, and using the same due diligence, the excellence of which has been recognised by the Angel Syndicate of the Year award from the UK Business Angels Association.

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